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Candace Cross, LCSW

Candace Cross, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#253160) in Kentucky who graduated from the University of Kentucky. She works primarily with adults to treat a variety of issues including symptoms related to depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship distress, and executive functioning deficits (organization, time management, attention, focus, motivation, etc.). Obsessed with learning and education, Candace is currently studying to become a Certified ADHD Counselor and enjoys working with clients who need help learning to motivate themselves, stop procrastinating, organize time and tasks, reduce impulsivity and manage mood disturbances. 


Feeling depressed and/or anxious can be draining and debilitating. Therapy may help you learn to change what you do and how you think in order to bring joy back into your life. Candace's hands-on approach includes  providing a metaphorical toolbox of coping skills, self-care guidelines, and a variety of therapeutic modalities to help you learn to improve your mood.


Traumatic experiences can reshape how we view the ourselves and the world and leave us feeling out of control, bewildered, lonely, angry, or hurt. Candace utilizes both Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and an eye movement based therapy called Accelerated Resolution Therapy to help clients move towards peace.


Disorganized, Scattered, Confused, and Frustrated? Helping clients regain control of their lives is a rewarding part of being a therapist. Candace loves teaching coping skills for procrastination, time management, poor motivation, disorganization, and other symptoms of poorly regulated executive functioning. 

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